AT & T Adds $30 Data Charge for Smartphones

By John Riley

AT & T has confirmed they will add a $30 monthly charge to smartphone users for data services, in addition to their voice plan, starting September 1 when any custoj0439798[1]mer purchases a smartphone. However the charge will not apply to existing smartphone customers until they purchase a new smartphone.

According to AT &T, smartphone users consume a higher amount of data services such as advanced e-mail and mobile Web applications. This results in fluctuating or unusually high monthly bills, but with the new monthly charge, it will stabilize those charges and bring about ‘greater customer satisfaction’.  AT & T says the vast majority of customers already subscribe to a data plan.

iPhone and BlackBerry users have long paid the $30 monthly data fee.  The new charge will not apply for regular feature phones, inlcuding QWERTY-enabled messaging phones.

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