Facts About Government Grants for Women Owned Small Businesses

By Tim Y. Yates

A persuasive salesman would tell you that they could sell you a extraordinary list of funders who gives “free money” to begin a business. I’m telling you, don’t believe them. Despite the fact that there are some programs which helps women who wishes to put up a business for themselves. These loans are usually for education, loans for development or tax credits rather than grants. Funders of grants don’t offer money for start-up profit business. The government would not do it; even the IRS won’t permit private foundations to do it. So could you have a grant?

Local, state and federal government encourage all women to start up and run their own businesses. One way of doing this that also has been giving extra “points” to grant applicants from organizations or businesses that are led or owned by women. Businesses that are owned by women, people with disabilities and minorities and are also called HUBs (historically underutilized businesses) since they have received a disproportionately small share of grants, government business or low-cost loans in the past. There is no government agency that gives grants directly to a person planning to start-up a business no matter who owns them. So how could a woman find a government grant for her business?

Local, state and federal government give grants charities, to schools and organizations to do things that a government wants. These include programs in energy, health care, science, cultural and historical preservation, education, social services, mental health, research, the arts and transportation. Twenty-six government agencies that give grants distribute those funds to meet the local, state, international and national community needs. All of these agencies release requests for proposals (RFPs) for the duration of each year and get grant applications. So do councils of governments and regional boards, states, cities and countries. Programs hence funded provide supplies, services, construction, equipment and other things a community need to develop the quality of life for their citizens.

Search Tools
On the Internet, you could find federal clearinghouses for grant info. Some releases requests for proposal (RFPs) since every agency reports a new funded program. RFPs are info packets which tell you how to apply for the grant and what type of grant the agency is going to fund. It also includes an application packet that could be downloaded with all its necessary support tools.

Some websites also offers a place to sign up for free e-mail alerts. You could filter the alerts to have only RFPs in your area of interest. States have the same grant alert websites that you must keep up with. It usually takes months and even years for a RFP to be released for which you are qualified.

Countries, cities, and government regional councils sometimes makes development funds which targets HUBs (historically underutilized businesses) such as business owned by women. These are usually in high crime, high poverty or areas with low resource that needs infrastructure development. Try to spend some of your time talking to local officials so that you will find out more about these opportunities.

You could as well check the funding library of your area. These could be found at public libraries or regional non-profit management centers. Funding libraries gives access to hardcopy and online grant announcements, information about funders and foundations. They also have friendly staffs to assist and help you find what you are looking for.

Even if you find a grant that meets your needs, you would still have to meet the requirements of the grant. RFP would specify the intention of the grant. Actually, grants are like contracts, these are not free money. They pay for facilities and activities which provide general public welfare rather than benefit any individual organization or business. If a majority of your charity’s board of directors are women or if your company is owned or run by women, it may make you eligible for extra consideration, but you will still have to meet all the requirements of the grant. The Small Business Administration advises that there are no government grants for vague ideas for some kind of for-profit businesses no matter who owns them.

Do you want to know more of the free government grants including its benefits to the society? Take a closer look and have a quick access to instantgovernmentgrants.net to avail of the full information concerning government grants.

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  1. Great post! Could you explain the second part again?

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