Recommended Book: Transforming Your Leadership Culture

Stressed Over Money

In spite of their allure and promise, change management initiatives typically fail to make an impact on organizations. In fact, after decades of change management, studies studies still suggest that most of these efforts will fail— leaving leaders frustrated and their companies trapped in the status quo. In today’s volatile economic climate, the bottom-line impact can be devastating.

In their new book, Transforming Your Leadership Culture,  released by business publisher Jossey-Bass, Center for Creative Leadership faculty members John B. McGuire and Gary B. Rhodes offer a provocative solution: Don’t get stuck on changing an organization’s systems. Focus instead on your people and your culture.

McGuire and Rhodes explore the powerful role that leadership culture—the beliefs and behaviors related to leadership that organizations display daily—plays in organizational engagement and growth in comples times.

“When leaders take on and follow through on cultural transformation alongside their strategic and operational changes, they consistently succeed in in reaching performance goals,” says McGuire. “They often just need help knowing how to change the culture.”

“Transforming an organization’s culture to face new challenges is very possible and increasingly vital in today’s economy,” McGuire says. “Individuals, teams and entire organizations can change their belief systems, current mindsets and learn more collaborative behaviors. Bigger minds can be creatted to solve bigger problems.”

Printed with permission of the Center for Creative Leadership.

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