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Younger Women Move to Social Media

November 11, 2009
Beautiful woman smiling as she is wine tasting on a summer day.November 11, 2009
Social Influence on Gen Y Trendsetter

Generation Y females have refined the idea of “peer group” to encompass online friends, bloggers and anonymous reviewers, according to the “Why Y Women?” report from PopSugar and Radar Research.

Looking to this expansive group of peers, rather than experts or celebrities, Gen Y women are particularly influenced by social media.

Beautiful woman smiling as she is wine tasting on a summer day.

Women Move to Social Media

Younger women are nearly twice as likely as their Gen X counterparts to say they had discovered a new brand or product when a friend mentioned it in an online status update. They are also significantly more influenced by blogs, by both professionals and especially by “someone like me.”

Telling friends in person or on the phone is still by far the most common way for Gen Y women to spread the word about products or brands they love. But they post about products and brands on social networking sites or online forums nearly twice as much as older women. Gen X women, on the other hand, are more likely than younger females to share information via e-mail.

Further, with even two-thirds of Gen X women considering their younger counterparts trendsetters, according to the survey, the potential pop culture influence of social marketing is multiplied.

Mr Youth, which has studied “millennial moms”—mothers around the same age as PopSugar’s Gen Y women—has also found the peer group an important influencer.

“With moms it is even a stronger source, as moms have always found it important to ask other moms before making important decisions that affect their families and kids,” Brandon Evans, managing partner and chief strategy officer at Mr Youth, told Media Life magazine. “With social media, it became much easier for them to seek out advice on a variety of topics from a wider net of people, so it quickly gained in influence.”

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Sony Signs Up ‘Blogger Dads’

August 30, 2009

Sony is targeting social media to promote its consumer electronics in the US and is signing up ‘blogger dads’ to stimulate consumer conversations on the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Many firms in the US use ‘blogger moms’ as part of their marketing efforts but Sony is launching DigiDads which aims to get fathers to use its products and write about them.

But, unlike products distributed to journalists in traditional media, it is specifying the projects the dads should work on and is also asking for them back afterwards.

The campaign is being run with blogger Chris Brogan, president of New Marketing Labs. Brogan is an advocate of ‘sponsored’ conversations on the internet, and as such has attracted the ire of other bloggers. Last year he was involved in a campaign for retailer Kmart through sponsored conversation specialist Izea, where he is a director.

“Anyone can do blogger outreach,” says Brogan, “we’re aiming to tell a story rather than just say ‘here’s some stuff, write about it.’” Digidads projects will include ‘Summer of 100 faces’ where dads and their kids will take 100 portraits and the use of GPS-equipped video cameras to map out historical video tours of a neighbourhood or record a tour on vacation.

Bloggers signed up so far include Michael Sheehan of, Max Kalehoff of, CC Chapman whose blogs include and and Jeffrey Sass who contributes to Brogan’s blog,

Marcy Cohen, senior manager of communications at Sony Electronics, says the aim is “to engage customers in conversation and share the insights we gain with engineers, product developers and designers. The feedback is going to be invaluable. It’s an easy way to speak frankly and directly.”

Data sourced from AdAge; additional content by WARC staff